Fash Ghiaci - Founder & Managing Director

Fash Ghiaci was the founder and managing director of Ghiaci Goodhand Smith; a chartered accountants practice he ran for 22 years. He sold the practice in 2007 and used the business experience he had acquired, together with his local knowledge of Brighton and Hove, in his next venture – The Happy Cell.

The Happy Cell is a well-being centre located in Davigdor Road, Hove which promotes social integration, self-belief and physical and mental well-being.

Fash Ghaici - Founder & Managin Director

This latest project has involved creating a supported space where people can choose from a programme of busy health, fitness and well-being activities.

The activities are all designed to help people achieve individual goals such as re-entering employment or recovering from domestic abuse.

Fash is proud to have helped the area’s residents improve their well-being and relishes being involved in a project which uses his business expertise to raise the standard of living for Brighton and Hove citizens.

Brighton and Hove is uniquely situated, with its close proximity to the Capital and potentially wonderful beaches, it offers a mixture of luxurious living together with easy access to London.