CityGateway Proposal

It is accepted by all concerned that our city needs to attract more national and international companies in order to create jobs and raise the standard of living of our residents. Whilst major steps have been taken to improve the city, it is undeniable that Brighton and Hove does not have the feel of a city, and thereby is not considered by many major companies as a first choice for their Head Office or centre of operations.

Brighton and Hove is uniquely situated, with its close proximity to the Capital and potentially wonderful beaches, it offers a mixture of luxurious living together with easy access to London.

The development on the site of the former Flexersacks factory will, in itself, regenerate Portslade and create much needed jobs, and will also be the first of a number of high profile projects which will act as the gateway for Brighton and Hove to become a city.

In addition to all this, there is of course an acknowledged chronic shortage of housing, which cannot be easily met because of the obvious restrictions placed upon the city legistically.

CityGateway Developments' plans to build a new major development - comprising of some five hundred appartments, including 40% social housing, a health and fitness club, show rooms, media centre, dance studios and offices, will offer both the opportunity for the encouragement of major companies to come to Brighton, as well as the creation of much needed additional housing.